At ParkLand, we’re building something special. We invest our time, energy and money to make our communities better every day. Improving the places our customers call home and serving our customers well is honorable work and makes a positive impact.

To be successful, we need win-win partnerships with our teammates, customers, vendors and shareholders. We know we can’t build a great business alone.  We work hard to attract, retain, and reward teammates that embrace our culture. We’re committed to providing an outstanding value to our customers, attractive and secure relationships to our vendors, and superior returns to our shareholders.

Building a great business requires humility.  We don’t have all the answers, so we’re open-minded, curious, always looking for the Path to Better.  We make mistakes, but we own them, learn from them, and improve.  We understand that our reaction to a mistake can be more impactful than the actual mistake.  We bring our best self to work, treating others as valued and important.

Honesty and integrity our non-negotiable. The things we do and say matter. Without the trust of our teammates, customers, vendors and shareholders we have no business.

Our work is challenging. It takes effort and discipline to do it well. We have been entrusted with the tools to build a great business, and we appreciate the obligation to be good stewards.  It’s hard to earn a dollar, so we make every one count.

Most of all, we understand that success is not guaranteed.  The things we value are fragile.  We guard our reputation.  We want to be respected for our business achievements, but also for the way we get there.  This is the ParkLand Way.